Biography of Dr. Milisav Nikolic

Nikolic Dr. Milisav was born on 25th of April 1957 in Cacak, Serbia. Graduated from the Faculty of Physical Education, majored in Sports Medicine and, obtained Ph.D. at the School of Natural Medicine. He is a professor at the Institute of Natural Medicine, USA. For his work in medicine he received "Rudolf Virchow" award from Europian Academy of Science (Europäische Akademie der Naturwissenschaften).

He has a black belt in karate seventh dan. Was the first coach of the national Fudokan team. He won the European Championship and the World Cup. He was the coach of the German national team in karate.

Dr Milisav was an associate of Belgrade Sports Academy. Has published several scientific papers in sports medicine. He was the director of the Sports Academy, branch department in Cacak, and a director of Cacak Sports alliance. He is one of the founders of karate club "Borac" from Cacak, and has won the first gold medal for the club.

He wrote the books "The Miracle of Healing", "Nutrition for Athletes", "Recovery for Athletes" and "Mental Health of Athletes".

During last 12 years, he runs a private practice in Cacak. He is working in healing athletes of the world's best footbal teams: Real Madrid, Chelsea London, Benfica Lisabon, Ajax Amsterdam, Grasshopper Zurich.

The greatest results in medicine has achieved in the following fields:

Spine healing with nonsurgery therapy:
- disc protrusion
- prolapsed disc
- a disc extrusion
- deformities

Healing of sports injuries using nonsurgery treatment :
- cruciate ligament
- meniscus
- ankle
- groin
- tennis elbow
- shoulder
- hand
- flatfoot